A decorated Marine is home for his first 4th of July celebration in three years. The Patriot Guard riders helped give him a homecoming he'll never forget.

The guard is known for escorting fallen soldiers home and act as a barrier to families from protesters at military funerals. But their reason for gathering was much sweeter this weekend, welcoming Marine Lance Corporal Chas Gamblin back to Missouri from Afghanistan.

More than two dozen riders met at the Kansas City airport to surprise the native of Marceline,  Missouri.  They lined the terminal holding American flags and saluted the 21-year-old as he walked out of the gate.

Gamblin spent the past seven months in Afghanistan and is stationed in Hawaii.  He says being home for the 4th of July has great significance.

"We're over there fighting for everything that we stand for, to get to come home on this holiday, it means a lot to everybody to be back home with all my family," Gamblin said.

After welcoming Gamblin home, local Patriot Guard riders escorted him on their bikes to Cameron.  There, dozens of other riders were stationed to take him the rest of the way home to Marceline.

This month marks Gamblin's one year anniversary with his wife Trudy and his mom said he's wanted to be a Marine since he was 12.