There are lots of students who suffer because of high tuitions. Glendale Community College raised its fees to $36 per unit, making it very hard for students.

My education will be extended because of the recent budget cuts. It is a very important issue for the government to do something about the education budget. The government should make jobs available for the student to be able to work at the same time they study.

Edwin Amijanian


Glendale Pops can’t be missed

I had the pleasure of attending the premiere concert of the Glendale Pops Orchestra on May 13 at the Alex Theatre.

What an incredible, joyful affair it was — fantastic arrangements, amazing musicality, world famous guests. It was the type of concert you would expect to see on TV or at a larger venue.

I would argue the Glendale Pops, led by its incomparable conductor Matt Catingub, is every bit if not more talented than any pops orchestra in the country. I am gratified that we have such a world-class orchestra in our very own backyard.

How many other cities in Southern California can claim this? Kudos to the Glendale Arts organization for helping bring this exceptional entertainment to our city.

The unfortunate news was that the Alex was not sold out for this concert. How disappointing. Out of a population of nearly 200,000, we could not even fill the 1,400 seats in the theater to support this outstanding venture? And on a Friday night?

Glendale aspires to be a world-class cultural arts city, and our officials are doing what they can to achieve this. However, being known as a city of the arts requires that its citizens actually support the arts.

The Glendale Pops Orchestra will be a great test case. Will we Glendale residents support and cultivate this worthwhile endeavor? Or will we squander this unique opportunity?

There are five more Pops concerts over the next year, starting on June 30 at the Americana at Brand. I hope that Glendale residents come out for this event, and show all of Southern California that this city is ready to step up and embrace the arts.

Eric Johnston


Garcia should be next city attorney

I would like to see Chief Assistant City Atty. Michael Garcia on the short list of candidates to be our next city attorney come August per your May 13 article “City attorney announces retirement.”

Garcia has served the city well during his many years here. He managed and led the department in the absence of the City Atty. Scott Howard. He assembled, composed and constructed opinions on a timely basis, saved the day with his opinions on many occasions, and especially on Aug. 4, 2009, when a speaker was out of control. Garcia restored civility and decorum to the City Council meeting without having to recess the meeting.

His strongest skill is that of supervising the employees in the department. The city manager needs to look no further that what we have already in the city attorney’s office with Garcia, who should be on that short list of candidates presented to the City Council.