Rudy Garcia

GPA: 4.73

School Activities/Clubs: National Honor Society, Youth & Government, Mock Trial, Philosophy Club

Awards/Honors: Delegate of the Year for Youth & Government 2011-12, Rennselear Medal, National AP Scholar, National Hispanic Recognition Scholar

Hobbies/Interests: guitar, bass, drums, video games, programming

College Plans: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) majoring in physics with a minor in political science

Scholarships: Crazip. Tech

CdM Experience: CdM's breadth of extracurricular activities allowed me to find myself. I'm also thankful for them allowing me to skip or self-teach classes.


Eli Kiani

GPA: 4.56

School Activities/Clubs: Junior Statesmen of America, Youth & Government, Mock Trial, Just for Kicks, League of Gentlemen

Community: Balboa Island Yacht Club,

Awards/Honors: Honor Roll, AP Scholar with Distinction

Hobbies/Interests: poems, quoting things from movies and TV shows, telling jokes

College Plans: Undecided

Scholarships: TBD

CdM Experience: Met some good people, learned some good things and learned to be myself.


Preston Kim