Photo Gallery:  Mountain lion cubs found in Burbank

Two female Mountain lion cubs were rescued from underneath a car in Burbank on Tuesday and will be heading to a wildlife refuge in Paso Robles. (Courtesy of California Wildlife Center)

Life for two emaciated mountain lion cubs has improved since they were rescued off the streets of Burbank around Christmas. There's the just one problem.

No. 1 and No. 2 need names, says David Jackson, director of Zoo to You, a nonprofit conservation and educational organization based in Paso Robles where the cubs are being rehabilitated.

Through Zoo to You, the cubs will likely make appearances at schools and universities someday, and No. 1 and No. 2 just won't cut it, so Jackson is asking the Burbank community to help name the cubs.

Jackson said he would like a name that indicates the mountain lions' connection to the area.

Since Monday, several of you have reached out to us via Facebook, Twitter and email with name suggestions. We wanted to give you one last chance to submit names before we narrow down the results on Thursday, when we'll be publishing an online poll with the top six names submitted.

Comment below with your suggestions, or email online editor Katie Landan.

Suggested names, so far:

- Floyd and Manny

- Starlight and Luther

- Starlight and Goldie

- Olive and Magnolia

- Mosi and Nashota

- Carson and Doc

- Tongva and Chumash

- Hope and Jazz

- Olive and Verdugo

- Bur and Burbank

- Glen and Dale

- LaserFur and The Fangster

- Orange and Grove