Whether they're in purses or pockets, our smartphones have become a part of our everyday lives.

And, as useful as they are, they're prone to scratches and dings. But now, there may be a fix with just a spritz of a spray. 

Dynaflo claims they can protect your gadget screens with Liquid Armor--the company's nano-coating protective technology. 

The company claims the spray contains technology that can make your phone both scratch proof and water resistant. Unlike the hard to apply physical screen protectors or bulky cases this product offers a simple solution. 

While this product seems like a great alternative we were a little skeptical so we put it to the test. 

Before we applied the spray we had to make sure our device was completely cooled and turned off. Following instructions, we coated the screen with the nano coating spray and waited 10 minutes for it to set--for a more complete coating, the company recommends 24 hours. 

Once the phone was ready, we grabbed some keys and water and put the coatings to the test. 

The verdict: while Liquid Armor probably adds some degree of protection, what we really figured out is that today’s screens are pretty durable on their own.

Liquid Armor runs about $20.

For more details head over to RichOnTech.tv.

Liquid Armor: http://www.dynaflousa.com/product_info.php?products_id=127