50 Ways Marilyn Monroe Has Been Kept Alive For 50 Years
Many other writers have tried to analyze and explain Marilyn, including Norman Mailer (#36) more than once. The most intriging titled print evocation of Monroe, though, has to be Andrew O'Hagan's "The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and His Friend Marilyn Monroe" (#37).


Lots of companies have drawn on Marilyn imagery in their ads, Benetton (#38), Chanel No. 5 (#39) and Tampax (#40) among them.

But we'll highlight Absolut Vodka's Absolut Marilyn campaign (#41, right), which managed to capture something essential with nothing more than a bottle of and a little tutu.


It's impossible to even keep track of how many times Playboy magazine (#42) has restaged the shoot that gave it its first cover girl. Countless others did something similar for countless other publications; Lindsay Lohan, for instance, recreated Monroe's Bert Stern photo shoot (#43) for New York magazine.

The most intriguing Marilyn makeover, though, was Lisa Marie Presley (#44, left) made up as Marilyn by Kevin Aucoin for Herb Ritts' camera. The effect was startling, but also otherworldly in its implications: Elvis + Marilyn = a star in front of whom all other stars must bow.


Monroe put the Marilyn in Marilyn Manson (#45).

Nike combined Marilyn and Andy Warhol for its Warhol/Monroe Air Max 90 shoe (#46) – because, you know, guys in gym shoes love their Warhol.

Mattel has created a couple of Marilyn Barbie dolls (#47).

Rudy Giuliani (#48) came to the 1997 New York Inner Circle press dinner in drag as Marilyn from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," resulting in photos that might have chosen problematic if his presidential run had ever gotten off the ground.

And finally, Marilyn has a Twitter account – or at least, her estate does, at @MarilynMonroe (#49), where most of the tweets are promotion-oriented. But it's also not hard to find fake Marilyn Twitter accounts – including @TheMsMonroe (#50), which puts its approach this way: "It's 1962 and Marilyn Monroe Tweets regularly."

Please don't tweet about me when I'm gone?