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How to pet-proof your home

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Is your house pet-proof? Turns out hazards are hidden in plain sight. Woman's Day has simple easy tips to help you keep your best friend safe and sound. Among them are:

Plants: If your pet gets into your lilies, azaleas or philodendron, it can spell bad news. All are toxic to dogs and cats, so place potted ones out of reach and keep an eye on your pet when he's in the yard. Also, never use coca mulch _ it contains caffeine and theobromine, both of which can be deadly to dogs. For a complete list of dangerous plants, go to and click on "Pet Tips."

Electrical cords: Cats are attracted to wires because they can feel the electricity running through them -- it's like chasing a mouse. Decoy wires with tubing to prevent chewing, and for added safety, unplug electronics when you are not using them.

Chew Toys: Before you give Fido that rawhide bone, make sure it's American-made. Imported rawhide can be contaminated with salmonella or chemicals.


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