Mother Earth

Still a few shades shy of going green? An Earth Day party is a fun way to turn over a new, eco-friendly leaf. (NOAA)

• Wash hair with lemon juice or beer for shine

• Cleanse skin with egg whites, which are known for their clarifying properties

• Combine oatmeal and honey for a naturally gentle face scrub

• Make your own body scrub with coconut oil and sugar


Let ingredients found at your local farmers' market inspire the menu for your fete. But supermarket fare can easily be jazzed up as well.

Fresh herbs, diced tomatoes and a little minced garlic take store-bought hummus from simple to savory. Serve this earthy dip with crudites and toasted pita wedges.

Green tea punch:

1 cup simple syrup
1 pint lemon juice
1 quart strong green tea
2 quarts white grape juice
1 block of ice
2 quarts chilled club soda

Combine all ingredients except soda and refrigerate for at least an hour. Pour over ice in a punch bowl and add the club soda. Makes about 45 servings when using four-ounce punch glasses. Cheers!

Also select environmentally friendly ingredients when shopping for your food. Some key words and phrases to look for include:

• Organic

• All-natural

• Free-range

• Fair-trade

• Pesticide-free


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