Spending: Get the best value on cars, at Costco and on cash rebates

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Our annual Best List includes these top picks for getting the best value for your money.


For resale: The 2016 Toyota Tacoma, starting at $24,240, is the overall resale winner, retaining 70 percent of its value after three years, says Kelley Blue Book. The Subaru Legacy ($22,540; 45% three-year resale value) is tops in family sedans, and the Toyota Highlander ($31,430; 53 percent) wins among crossovers.

For fuel economy: For family sedans, the Mazda6 ($22,330) wins with a combined city and highway average of 31 miles per gallon. The Honda CR-V ($24,745) beats out other crossovers with a combined 28 mpg, while the BMW i3 BEV ($43,395) bests its electric-vehicle peers with the EV equivalent of a whopping 124 mpg.

For overall value: Kelley Blue Book chose the redesigned Honda Civic as the overall best-value vehicle of 2016, thanks to its efficient new powertrain and low starting price ($19,475). Among electric or hybrid vehicles, the Chevrolet Volt ($33,995), which was redesigned for 2016, tops its class with increased battery range and lower prices. The midsize Honda Pilot ($31,245) and the luxury Lexus RX ($42,850) crossovers topped their categories for value.


When you shop for high-quality food items, you may not reach for the store brand. But the Kirkland Signature line from Costco Wholesale produces some gems. (Prices are from a Costco store in Albuquerque, N.M.; annual Costco membership starts at $55.)

Olive oil: A chemical and sensory study of olive oils by the University of California, Davis found that Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($13.99 for 2 liters) was one of a minority of imported oils that met international and U.S. standards for extra-virgin olive oil.

Bacon: In a taste test of bacon brands, Consumer Reports bestowed an "excellent" rating on just one product: Kirkland Signature Bacon ($10.99 for four 1-pound packages).

Liquor: You'll get a lot of bang for your buck with the Kirkland Signature Tequila Anejo ($19.99 for 1 liter) and the Egg Nog Liqueur ($9.99 for 1.75 liters), says Jerald O'Kennard, director of the Beverage Tasting Institute's Both received scores in the "exceptional" range from the site.


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