Sick of shady politics? It's time to speak up!

Floridians are fired up!

In the past few weeks, I've received hundreds of calls and emails from readers who want to fight back against politicians who waste their money, fight their votes and coddle the special interests.

Well, amen, brothers and sisters. That's why today's column preaches the gospel of empowerment.

Whether you're worked up about shady dealings at the attorney general's office or legislators trying to monkey with your votes, I've got plenty of ways to speak up — including one today right here in Orlando.

Troubling oustings

We start with Attorney General Pam Bondi, who made jaws drop when it was revealed that her office ousted two of its top investigators.

In case you missed the story, assistant attorneys general Theresa Edwards and June Clarkson were making national news uncovering foreclosure fraud when Bondi's office forced them out.

At first, Bondi's office refused to say why. But after public outcry intensified, Bondi's deputies claimed Clarkson and Edwards were guilty of "poor performance."

It was an interesting claim for two people who had recently helped net a $2 million settlement. Also for two people with stellar job reviews.

Most damning, however, was the office's claim that Edwards had been a poor performer for "several months" — even though a supervisor's review from just four weeks earlier concluded: "I cannot overstate the degree to which I respect Ms. Edwards and her work with this unit."

If this doesn't stink, you need your schnoz checked.

So what can you do?

Well, you can tell Bondi what you think. Call her office at 850-414-3300. Or fill out her office's "contact form" at

You can also press state legislators — who fund the AG's office — to seek answers.

Sure, most politicians would rather insist that a black widow crawl down their pants than insist their peers act ethically. (It's the unstated I-won't-tell-if-you-won't-tell mentality that plagues both political parties in Tallahassee and Washington.)

But occasionally, they do the right thing. And you can reach your senator or House member by calling the legislative switchboard (during work hours) at 850-488-4371 or by visiting

I can think of plenty of reasons why politicians wouldn't want to get to the bottom of this story … but none of them are any good.

Fair Districts

Today also brings your chance to speak up about Florida's long and sordid history of gerrymandering.

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