Yeah, those were the days.

Wisconsin's governor, Scott Walker, pushed legislation that took away state employee collective bargaining rights.

He laid off state employees even though the vast majority supported concessions.

Walker did things that violated the most basic and fundamental principles Americans hold dear.

Our own governor, Dan Malloy, joined the anti-Wisconsin, pro-public employee rally on the Capitol steps. He said we weren't Wisconsin. He said that type of bullying had no place in a civilized society. He said everyone knew Connecticut was no Wisconsin and we were better for it.

Not only was Malloy cheered at the rally but he received a standing ovation at the annual Democratic Party dinner, where labor and party leaders were quoted saying how great it was to have Malloy in the governor's office.

Here we are, less than 150 days later, and Connecticut's governor has pushed to take away collective bargaining rights for the first time in the state's history. His incredible bill was even passed the Democratically-controlled Senate.

Meanwhile, layoff notices have begun going out to thousands of hard-working, dedicated state employees despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of state employees support significant concessions. Thousands of middle-class families now face financial disaster even though they were willing to meet the governor's demands.

Thank goodness Connecticut is not saddled with a mean-spirited governor dedicated to policies that violate our most vital principles and values.

Times may be tough, but at least Connecticut is nothing like Wisconsin.