News That Matters:  Tim Pawlenty and Herman Cain Officially Running For President, Record-Breaking Sand Castle Built in Connecticut
Everybody's Talkin' About

• Holy Rapture passes without incident; War of the Worlds broadcasts have been hairier. In other celestial speculation, Stephen Hawking calls Heaven a myth.

Dominique Strauss- Kahn resigns as head of IMF, leaves Riker's Island on $1 million bail.

President Obama opines that eventual Palestinian state should be based on borders maintained before the Six Day War in 1967.

• Latest GOP 2012 presidential scorecard: Tim Pawlenty, Herman Cain… but no Mitch Daniels!

• Missouri tornado kills more than a hundred people.

Insider Baseball

• New school revue: Groundbreaking for new SCSU business school. Gov. Dannel Malloy wants to expand UConn Health Center. New Haven Board of Education approves deal to have Roberto Clemente Elementary School overseen by for-profit New Jersey outfit.

• Yale releases details of how DKE was disciplined for misogynistic public chanting in 2010: No on-campus activities for five years, and a university request that the national fraternity suspend its Yale chapter.

• President Obama addresses Coast Guard graduation in New London: “You all look fantastic.” Tom Hanks tells Yalies “The future now rests with you, in your goofy hats.”

• Raising the stakes: Foxwoods Casino bartenders and drink servers vote to join a union.

• Libyan government releases New Haven-born Clare Morgana Gillis and three other journalists after detaining them six weeks.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu attends World Youth Peace Summit in Hartford.

• 100 kilos of cocaine seized in what state police call one of the biggest drug busts in Connecticut history.


• Outlawing male circumcision will be a ballot question in San Francisco this November.

• Red-crested tree rat, thought to be extinct for over a century, saunters over to biologists doing field work in Columbia.

Arnold Schwarzenegger puts his renewed acting career on hold; he's embarrassed his family enough. The child Arnold Schwarzenegger had with his longtime housekeeper is 13, same age as his youngest son with wife Maria Shriver.

• Mein Dogme: Filmmaker Lars Von Trier banned from Cannes Film Festival for saying he sympathizes with Hitler. Festival's Palme d'Or goes to Terrence Malick's Tree of Life.

• Record-breaking 38-foot sand castle built in Farmington.

WWE icon and Slim Jim pitchman Randy “Macho Man” Savage dies in a car crash.

Could Get Interesting

• Senate votes down Republican bill intended to quicken oil production and loosen industry standards back to pre-BP spill laxness.

• President Obama vows billions in aid to incipient democracies in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere.

• Rhode Island Speaker of the House Gordon D. Fox, who happens to be gay, disappoints gay marriage activists by pushing bill on same-sex civil unions instead.

• Yale pledges to put all the digital images from its museums and libraries online for free. Meanwhile, Google discontinues its online digital newspaper archive project.