Promise delivered: Young football player walks again
In September, Satanta freshman football player Anthony Crump was paralyzed after an injury on a football field. He doesn't remember the moment too well.

"I just remember going on the field running down the field and tackling (the ballcarrier)," Crump said. "And then I remember after the hit ... it felt like I was spinning, on the ground facing the stands."

After the hit, he couldn't get up.

"It felt like I was trying to get up, but I wasn't trying my hardest," he said. "And I would try to try my hardest, but it felt like I wasn't trying my hardest."

Anthony was flown to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita. Friends and loved ones feared he would never be able to walk again.

After about a week at Wesley, Anthony was set to go to Chicago for rehabilitation. Before he left, the nurses made him make a promise.

"I told him he had to promise me he would walk back into this facility," said Wesley nurse Kristi Froese.

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He spent two months in Chicago. Eventually, he was able not only to walk, but run again.

On Monday's Anthony's promise to the nurses at Wesley came full circle, when he walked into the facility.

Thursday, Anthony will be on the sidelines at Santana's football game, and will present the game ball.

"I knew I was going to (walk again)," Anthony said. "But I never really thought about it. I was just thinking about doing my time and getting out of the hospital and coming home."

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