Two teenagers died after drowning in the Bronx River Sunday afternoon, PIX 11 News has learned.

The victims -- identified as David Luccioni, 17, and Crystal Reyes, 15, both from the Bronx -- were found unconscious in the river at Boston Road and 180th Street around 3 p.m.

They were rushed to St. Barnabas Hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Luccioni and Reyes were swimming in an area with a waterfall called Riverpark when they were overcome by the current of the 23-mile river, which cuts a southward path through the Bronx, authorities said.

Santiago Shulterbrandt and his friend spotted the swimmers in distress. He told PIX 11 News he initially saw three people struggling in the water.

"It was three people drowning at first," Shulterbrandt said. "But my friend jumped in and got one of them out."

Schulterbrandt said he initially thought the victims were playing around in the water but grew concerned when he saw them go under for a long period of time.

"Me and my friend told some lady to call the police," he said. "I feel bad, I've never seen people drown before."

A parks official says a sign posted near the river clearly states that swimming is prohibited.

Investigators say the teens may have climbed a fence to get into the water.