Suffolk County police are investigating the people who continue to cyber-bully Alexis Pilkington, even after the 17-year-old took her own life Sunday.

The harassing messages are being posted on a Facebook page that was originally created as a tribute to the West Islip teenager.

"If they broke it down and they found these cowards ... there's probably a handful of them, maybe five maybe ten, who knows, but I'm also a karma guy," Thomas Pilkington, Alexis' father told PIX News. "What goes around comes around."

Some of the Facebook messages are disrespectful, others are cruel and hurtful, but the family of Alexis Pinkington wants her friends and classmates to just ignore them.

"Their world has been rocked, let alone with Alexis' death but with what has now come on the internet afterwards," the teen's dad said. "We don't want to give these people an audience."

"Children don't go there, don't go there," said Paula Pilkington, Alexis' mom, "She's gone forever and now we have to deal with the heartache."

The couple says they will press charges if necessary, but right now they are just trying to concentrate on the positives. They are currently busy planning a memorial service and helping Alexis's countless friends grieve.

The father of one of Pilkington's friends, Michael Stracuzza, is reportedly working with prosecutors and is collecting and passing on the hurtful messages that have been posted on Facebook.

According to reports, neither Stracuzza nor Pilkington's family, believe Alexis took her own life as a result of the bullying, but Stracuzza wants the responsible parties prosecuted because of the pain that the messages are now causing the teen's friends and family.