Shredded Documents Reveal Clues Into CSU Stanislaus' Payment For Palin
California State University students made an interesting discovery in a school dumpster related to the upcoming appearance of Sarah Palin on campus later this year.

The documents were found shredded inside a dumpster adjacent to the school's administrative building 48 hours after Senator Leland Yee questioned how much the school was spending to bring the former Alaskan Governor to the school for a fundraiser.

Among the shredded documents included the contract between the school and Palin. According to Yee, the documents reveal clues that the school spent nearly $100,000 in travel, meal, accommodations and other expenses for Palin's visit.

"I never thought I'd have to relive Watergate again," Senator Yee told reporters at a press conference Tuesday.

Yee had been asking the school to disclose information relating to how much the campus was spending for Palin's controversial appearance. At a time when the CSU system was seen slashing academic funding and releasing teachers in an effort to fill budget deficits, Yee and others had questioned the timing and money spent surrounding Palin's appearance.

CSU Stanislaus student Alicia Lewis, credited for discovering the documents dumped by administrators on what would normally be a furloughed Friday, said the students and Yee intend to turn over the documents to the Attorney General "so that any wrongdoing can be addressed and prevented from reoccurring in the future."

According to Yee, the trashed documents -- most of which had met a shredder -- revealed Palin would fly first-class round-trip to and from the school. Additionally, those who wanted to solicit questions to Palin during her appearance would submit them ahead of time -- Palin would then be allowed to pick and choose which questions to prepare for an answer prior to her speaking engagement, according to the documents.

CSU Stanislaus officials denied access to the documents when questioned by Yee, stating the speaking arrangement was paid for with private funds unrelated to the school.

Palin is expected to speak at the school's 50th Anniversary celebration as the keynote speaker on June 25th. Tickets for those who wish to attend Palin's appearance were being sold for $500.