Man Accused of Sending Taunting Text Messages to Parents of Missing Girl
NEW YORK -- Police have arrested a man in connection with the murder of a 24-year old woman whose family received taunting text messages from her cell phone days after she disappeared.

Evans Ganthier, 30, is facing second degree murder in the death of Rebecca Koster.

According to Koster's parents, the first text message was received just one day after she was reported missing last December.

"Dan has me tied up in a basement, he doesn't know that I have my cell phone. I think I'm in Commack, please help," the text stated.

After receiving the text, Koster's mother Barbara Ross and stepfather Larry Ross, alerted police.

The couple was given false hope that their daughter was still alive.

The context of the message prompted police to issue a search warrant at the home where Koster's boyfriend Dan Mayor had been staying.

An investigation determined that the message was misleading as Koster was no where insight.

As the search continued, the couple received another text message Monday from Koster's cell phone - adding on to their misery.

"It was driving us crazy," Larry Ross told the New York Post. "We were elated that we might find her, and then we didn't. These guys are just sick and twisted."

Days later, authorities found Koster's burnt and butchered body in a North Stonington, Conn. field.

Police believe Ganthier sent the messages to her family in an attempt to implicate Koster's boyfriend.

The relationship between Ganthier and Koster isn't immediately clear.