On the outside of Khalid Abdul-Latif`s apartment door in SeaTac is a message to visitors – “In the name of Allah we enter, in the name of Allah we leave.”

In the parking lot, the American citizen’s red Honda Passport sits empty. On the passenger side, an American flag has been used as a floor mat.  

Abdul-Latif, 33, served in the Navy in the 1990s, but reportedly said during the attack planning that he wanted to punish America for its military actions overseas and to die as a martyr in the terror attack.  He also allegedly said he admired Osama bin Laden.

Abdul-Latif’s wife of six years, Binta Moussa-Davis, said he was a loving father and husband and she had no idea that he might have been planning an attack.

“No idea, no idea … He is good Muslim, perfect Muslim. He prays five times a day,” Moussa-Davis said in an interview with Q13 FOX News.  “He work hard to raise me and his little son.”

Abdul-Latif recently owned his own janitorial service, but authorities said he was also plotting to kill U.S. military recruits in a Seattle building on July 5.

“It`s scary to think he’s a janitor getting into businesses, because you get all that information working in the background of a business,” said Abdul-Latif’s neighbor Stephanie Weimar. “That`s a little scary.”

Weimar lives in the same building as the suspect and saw Abdul-Latif frequently.

“We`ve lived here almost four years and I`ve seen him around a lot,” Weimar said. “He`s got a wife who`s got the full [veil] and a son, too.”

“I`ve seen him all the time. I used to see him walking his boy all the time,” said another neighbor. “He seems like a nice guy.”

Authorities say Abdul-Latif has two prior felony convictions – a 2002 robbery in Kitsap County, and a 2003 assault.

According to court documents, he allegedly planned to carry out the attack to punish America for its military actions in Iraq, Yemen, and Afghanistan.  He said he wanted to die as a martyr in the attack to “wake the Muslims up.”

Authorities said their informant told them that Abdul-Latif said if he died in the attack, his son would be proud that he fought the “non-believers.”

“I`m glad police caught him, because hopefully it prevented one thing from happening that could have killed a lot of innocent people,” Weimar said.

Moussa-Davis said she was home Wednesday night when federal agents stormed their apartment.

“They searched the whole house and I said, ‘Why are you looking for gun?’  I said, ‘Let me call my husband.’ They said, ‘Don’t touch anything.’”

Moussa-Davis said she also knows the other suspect in the terror plot, Walli Mujaheed.

“They are Muslim,” she said. “They met at the mosque and that’s where they know each other.”

She said Mujaheed used to live in the Seattle area, but moved to California three years ago.

When told that her husband, if convicted, could be sentenced to life in prison with no parole, Moussa-Davis was clearly shocked and collapsed on the floor. 

Even if he’s convicted of such a crime, she said, “We’ll stay husband and wife until I pass away.”