A surveillance video has been released of a pregnant woman who was attacked on a Metro Bus last month.  It shows the bus was filled with passengers when the attack happend.

You can see one teen reaching up and hitting the woman.  The woman then fought back and that's when the other teens got involved.

Five teens are facing charges for the attack.

The incident happened last month in downtown Seattle.  Police say the teens entered the bus at Westlake and started fighting with the pregnant woman's boyfriend in the back of the bus.

Police say the group of teens (two 16 year olds, a 15 year old, 17 year old and 19 year old) started assaulting the woman as she sat next to her boyfriend.  

One of the 16 year olds went up to the woman and tried to grab her mp3.  As she protected herself, the group of teens started assaulting her.

They struck the pregnant woman in the head and face.  The teens continued to assault the couple. 

Passengers on the bus asked the driver to stop.  When the bus finally stopped, the teens exited the bus and got on another bus where they were finally caught and arrested. 

The woman who was 3 months pregnant was taken to the hospital and received six stitches to her face. 

A bus security camera captured the entire incident.  Police say the video shows the suspects “laughing during the course of the assaults and even joke about how they did not get any money from the victims,” police records say.

Prosecutors have filed robbery cases against four of the teens.  The 19 year old has not yet been charged.  She was released from the King County Jail on December 11th.