Monday, May 30th : Source meets with Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif

 According to court documents, on or around May 30th, Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif attempted to recruit somone to join the conspiracy. Abdul-Latif told that person that he and another man in Los Angeles were planning an attack against a United States military facility.

Friday, June 3rd: Source reports conspiracy to law enforcement

Days later, that recruit told seattle police about the plan. He identified the target as Joint Base Lewis McChord and Abdul-Latif's alleged accomplice—Walli Mujahidh. The suspects had two goals: Get firearms and train for the attack.  

"I think if you see what is alleged in the complaint and what is public record, it is clear these people felt that they needed to avenge the operations of the United States abroad,” said U.S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan. “They felt that was wrong and an insult to their faith and that they were inspired by others like Major Hassan in Fort Hood."

Tuesday, June 7th: Abdul-Latif meets the informant.

Court documents show that Abdul-Latif met with the police informant about scoping out the ‘MEPS' building on East Marginal Way.

Wednesday, June 8th: Abdul-Latif and informant visit the 'MEPS' building in Seattle.

It was around June 8th when investigators said Abdul-Latif and the informant actually scouted the ‘MEPS' building. Abdul-Latif noticed a security guard and cameras, but said he wasn't worried about the guard because, "We'll just kill him right away . . . We can kill him first." Abdul-Latif told the informant to get firearms, ammunition and grenades. The plan was to attack recruits and other military personnel in the building.

Tuesday, June 14th:  Arrangements made for Mujahidh to travel from LA to Seattle

On June 14th, the plan sprang into action. Investigators said Abdul-Latif arranged for Mujahidh to catch a bus to seattle.

Monday, June 20th and Tuesday, June 21st: Weapons are inspected.

Abdul-Latif inspected samples of weapons, then gave the informant $800 in cash to pay for them.

Wednesday, June 23rd: Mujahidh and Abdul-Latif pick up weapons.

After Mujahidh arrived in Seattle this week, he and Abdul-Latif met with the informant to pick up the weapons. Both were arrested the same day.