A YouTube account located by Q13 FOX News appears to belong to Seattle terror plot suspect Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif.

In the dozens of videos posted, Abdul-Latif can be seen speaking at length about his views on religion and foreign intervention in the Middle East.

“Look what’s happening in Libya now, look what’s happening in Egypt now… look what’s happened in Iraq.  It’s not a coincidence, these are all Muslim countries and we just sit back here and accept their rules, accept their judgment” Abdul-Latif said. “Allah has left us in ignorance. And we are fools to believe that these people are going to help us.”

Later in that same video, Abdul-Latif seems to refer to the U.S. as the “united snakes.”

“Now we have degraded ourselves, and now Muslims are killing each other instead of defending the religion… Now Enemies of Islam like the united snakes are taking advantage of that” Abdul-Latif said.

Other videos on Abdul-Latif’s apparent YouTube page include his wife wearing a full Hijab as an “example of the Hijab of the Muslim according to the Quran and Sunnah,” the video description said, as well as a recording of a TV special on September 11th conspiracy theories.

Under Abdul-Latif’s YouTube profile, it reads; “All in calling to the defense of Islam and Calling to make Islam the 1st priority in our lives and death, in order to call us to join the Jihad in all aspects without fear of the kuffar [non-Muslim] political strategies.”