The Teen's Infamous Run From Police From The U.S. To The Bahamas
Sheriff's Deputies in Bloomington, Indiana believe the teen bandit swiped a plane and flew it by himself 1,200 miles to the Bahamas.

Deputies say Harris-Moore lifted his latest set of wings from plane owner, John Miller. "Circumstances of luck for this guy that he was able to take mine, because I had to leave the key in it to have the oil changed, "said Miller.

Miller says Harris-Moore used a crowbar to bust in and took off in his Cessna 400 and headed for the Bahamas. "I'd just say the boy had good taste, it's a hell of a lot better than the other airplanes around there," said Miller.

Various agencies are reporting she is now being represented by a Seattle attorney regarding entertainment decisions.

The rights to a book based on Colton Harris-Moore's exploits was purchased back in April by 20th Century Fox.

State laws could limit or prevent Kohler from making money off her son's story, which is how some of his alleged victims say it should be.

"If they do make a movie about him, (the proceeds) should go to pay the people he ripped off," says Miller, "and the people who damaged his property and paid for his adventure basically ."

Harris-Moore had a troubled childhood. His first conviction, for possession of stolen property, came at age 12. Within a few months of turning 13, he had three more.

He was sentenced to nearly four years in juvenile detention after being caught in an unoccupied home in 2007, but he did well enough there that he was transferred to a group home, where he sneaked out of a window more than two years ago.

He was dubbed the "Barefoot Bandit" for allegedly going shoeless during some crimes and once allegedly leaving behind chalk footprints as a calling card.

He has become a folk hero to supporters, who have bought "Run, Colton, Run" T-shirts and written songs about his exploits. He has tens of thousands of followers on Facebook.

FBI Wanted Poster of Colton Harris-Moore. Click on the poster to get all the details about the federal warrant: