Edited excerpts from 911 calls received by the Newtown Police Department on Dec. 14, 2012. WARNING: Content may be disturbing.

"I'm not in the front," Thorne replied.

"Do you see anything or hear anything more?'' Nute asked.

"I keep hearing shooting, I keep hearing popping," Thorne said.

At one point Thorne tells the dispatcher "now it is silent" but the shooting starts again. There are about six shots fired and then silence. About 30 seconds later, there is one last shot. Authorities have said the last shot is believed to have been from a pistol Lanza used to kill himself.

While Nute was on the phone with Thorne, a state police dispatcher relayed to Newtown a call from the teacher who was shot in the foot. She told the dispatcher that she was huddled in Room 1 with students and two adults. The teacher told Newtown dispatcher Jennifer Barosi that her foot was bleeding.

"Are you safe?" Barosi asked.

"I think so. My classroom door is not locked," the teacher said.

The dispatcher instructs the teacher to apply pressure to her wound.

"Are you OK for now?" Barosi asked.

"For now. Hopefully," the teacher replied.

Note: An early version of this story made reference to one of the 911 calls coming from teacher Kaitlin Roig's classroom. The call did not come from Roig's room.