Who's who in the Drew Peterson case

NameRelevance to case
Abood, AndrewDrew Peterson attorney
Aikin, CandaceStacy Peterson's aunt
Alessio-Policandriotes, CarlaWill Co, judge
Allen, James JeffreyWill Co. judge; signed Savio protection order
Akin, Robert Jr.Locksmith who opened the Savio's door
Anderson, KristinFriend of Kathleen Savio
Baden, Dr. MichaelForensic pathologist in third and final Savio autopsy
Bermila, EdwardWill County judge overseeing murder trial
Blum, Dr. LarryForensic Pathologist who performed second Savio autopsy
Bosco, Pamela KaySpokeswoman for Stacy Peterson's family
Brodsky, JoelDrew Peterson's lead attorney
Cales, Anthony McKenzieStacy Peterson's father
Cales, CassandraStacy Peterson's sister
Cales, Christie Marie (Toutges)Stacy Peterson's mother, missing since 1998
Cales, JessicaStacy Peterson's sister
Cales, Lacy AnnStacy Peterson's sister
Cales, Linda June (Olson)Stacy Peterson's stepmother
Cales, YeltonStacy Peterson's brother
Carcerano, SteveDrew Peterson's friend; found Kathleen Savio's body
Carroll, James B.Drew Peterson's uncle; listed as executor of Kathleen Savio estate
Carroll, John PaulDrew Peterson's attorney
Carter, RobertIllinois appellate court judge
Case, MarySt. Louis County Medical Examiner and prosecution witness
Cesare, SteveStacy Peterson friend
Clark, Norman Ray IIISprint Nextel records custodian
Collins, PatrickRetired Illinois state police sergeant
Connor, JohnWill Co. assistant state's attorney
Coughlin, JamesBolingbrook police officer
Deel, RobertIllinois state police crime scene investigator
DiMaio, VincentAuthor of pathology textbooks; expert witness of the defense
Doman, Anna MarieKathleen Savio's sister
Doman, Charles H.Kathleen Savio's nephew
Doman, MelissaKathleen Savio's niece
Doman, Susan M.Kathleen Savio's sister
Falat, BryanIllinois state police investigator
Fragale, ElizabethWill Co. assistant state's attorney; received letter from Savio
Glasgow, James W.Will Co. state's attorney
Glink, MartinAttrney for Savio family
Goodman, CarmenWill Co. judge; reopened Savio estate
Goldberg, DarrylDrew Peterson attorney
Grady, ScottKathleen Savio attorney
Grandel, DianaCorresonded with Drew Peterson in jail
Greenberg, Steven A.Drew Peterson attorney
Gutierrez, Luisllinois State Police master sgt.
Hafner, BrianBolingbrook police officer
Holdridge, WilliamIllinois appellate court judge
Hosey, JosephReporter; author of "Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson"
Jacobson, WalterFox News Chicago; received letter from Savio
James, Walter LeeCoroner's juror in Savio inquest
Jentzen, JeffreyFormer Milwaukee chief medical examiner; defense expert witness
Kaupas, KenIllinois State Police capt.
Kelly, JohnSavio family attorney
Kernc, TeresaFormer Bolingbrook police officer
Kinney, GeraldWill Co. judge
Kurdenok, MichaelStacy Peterson classmate; saw her the day before her disappearance
Lee, AlyssiaBolingbrook police and fire commission trustee
Lenard, George D.Drew Peterson attorney
Long, ChristopherForensic pathologist
Lopez, JosephDrew Peterson attorney
Maniaci, SteveKathleen Savio boyfriend
McCauley, SusanFormer Drew Peterson employee and mistress
McGury, RaymondBolingbrook police chief
Meczyk, RalphDrew Peterson attorney
Miller, TimFounder of Texas EquuSearch; organized searches for Stacy
Mims, RichardDrew Peterson friend
Mitchell, BryanForensic pathologist on 2004 Savio autopsy report
Motiani, VinodKathleen Savio physician
Morelli, FredDrew Peterson attorney
Morphey, AlbertDrew Peterson's stepfather
Morphey, BettyDrew Peterson's mother
Morphey, ThomasDrew Peterson's step-brother; testified he thought he helped move body
Neri, GeneKathleen Savio neurologist
Odeh, ReemDrew Peterson attorney
Oleskiewicz, LouisBolingbrook paramedic who found Savio's body
O'Neil, Patrick K.Will Co. coroner
Parks, MaryFriend of Kathleen Savio
Patcher, JeffFormer coworker of Drew Peterson
Patton, KathleenWill Co. assistant state's attorney
Payonk, EileenSpecial agent for the Illinois state police
Pelkie, CharlesWill Co. State's Attorney's Office spokesman
Peterson, AnthonyStacy Peterson's son
Peterson, Carol L. (Hamilton, Brown)Drew Peterson's first wife
Peterson, Drew WalterCharged with murder of third wife; retired Bolingbrook police officer
Peterson, Eric DrewDrew Peterson's son
Peterson, KristopherDrew Peterson's son
Peterson, LacyStacy Peterson's daughter
Peterson, PaulDrew Peterson's brother
Peterson, Stacy Ann (Cales)Drew Peterson's fourth wife; missing
Peterson, Stephen PaulDrew Peterson's son; former Oak Brook police officer
Peterson, Thomas DrewDrew Peterson's son
Piry, KyleDrew Peterson's ex-fiancee
Pontarelli, MaryNeighbor of Kathleen Savio
Pontarelli, NicholasNeighbor of Kathleen Savio
Powers, MichaelWill Co. judge
Queen, RobinSpecial agent with the Illinois state police
Raines, ChristinaDrew Peterson's ex-fiancee
Rossetto, KeithEx-boyfiend of Stacy Peterson
Rossetto, ScottTwin brother of Keith; reportedly exchanged text messages with Stacy Peterson
Robison, SuzanStacy Peterson's aunt
Rozak, Daniel J.Will Co. judge
Ruby, JeffTrial watcher; arrested on contempt charge
Rutkiewicz, Victoria (Peterson, Connolly, O'Neil)Drew Peterson's second wife
Savio, Henry J.Kathleen Savio's father
Savio, Henry M.Kathleen Savio's brother
Savio, Kathleen (Peterson)Drew Peterson's third wife; deceased
Savio, MaryKathleen Savio's mother, deceased
Savio, MarciaWife of Henry Savio; Kathleen Savio's step-mother
Savio, NickKathleen Savio's brother
Schmidt, DanielIllinois appellate court judge
Schoenstedt, RichardWill Co. judge
Schoon, JenniferFormer girlfriend of Stephen Peterson
Schori, NeilStacy Peterson's pastor
Selig, GlennDrew Peterson's publicist
Simmons, KerryStacy Peterson's half sister
Simmons, MathewStacy Peterson's brother-in-law
Smith, HarryKathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson attorney
Teppel, KenBolingbrook police spokesman
Tomczak, JeffFormer Will Co. State's Attorney
VanOver, MichaelWill County deputy coroner
Ward, LisaDaughter of Victoria Connolly, stepdaughter of Drew Peterson
Wawczak, LennySecretly recroded Drew Peterson conversations, posts
White, Stephen D.Will Co. judge