Continual coverage of the trial of Drew Peterson for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

6:10 p.m. Jury asks to go home

Judge Edward Burmila told jurors they could go home or keep deliberating, and the jury has requested to go home. Burmila will bring them in to remind them to avoid any media coverage and dismiss them for the night.

6 p.m. Jurors ask about dinner

Judge Edward Burmila said that jurors have asked for dinner.

But Burmila said he is concerned about how long the day has been for the jury, noting a recent conviction in Will County was overturned after an appellate court found they were made to deliberate for an excessive length of time.

The defense suggested that the court simply let them know that they have the option to continue or resume deliberations tomorrow, but prosecutors said the jurors have made their intentions known.

"Clearly they have communicated their desire to continue," Assistant State's Atty. Chris Koch said.

Burmila sent jurors a note asking if they would like to continue deliberating or stop and resume in the morning.

Jurors sent a note back to Burmila asking, "If we want to resume deliberations tomorrow, will we go home or will we stay somewhere?"

3:25 p.m. Deliberations resume

Transcripts have been read and jurors have resumed their deliberations.

3 p.m. Defense objects to transcript reading 

For the second time, the defense has objected and requested a sidebar during the reading of the Harry Smith transcript.

In both instances, Joel Brodsky complained that the court reporter skipped over a portion of the transcript.

In the second objection, Brodsky objected to court reporter leaving out one of his questions to Smith that the state objected to at the time because it was a compound question. Burmila sustained the objection.

Burmila wondered why a question that was stricken due to a sustained objection should be read again.

"You asked a question. The state objected, and I sustained the objection. Why would we read that to the jury?" Burmila said.

"I'm sorry. I know that question was asked. You just asked me to ask it a different way," Brodsky mumbled.