The defense team

Joel Brodsky, the defense attorney for Drew Peterson, talks to reporters after Wednesday's court proceedings. (Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune / August 22, 2012)

Burmila then met privately with the juror, whose father works at Bolingbrook High School, and attorneys before announcing that the issue had been resolved and the juror would remain in place.

Pontarelli wasn't allowed to testify that he didn't see scratches or scrapes on Savio's arms the afternoon before prosecutors believe she drowned in her bathtub.

He told jurors that on the day Savio was found dead, he and his mother went to Savio's home. He found an open carton of orange juice on the island in Savio's kitchen. Thinking it strange, he put the cap on and returned it to the refrigerator.

"She was the type of person who would put it away and would be on the kids about putting stuff away," he said.

After his mother screamed, he entered the bathroom where she was found, Pontarelli testified.

"I just kind of stood back; I leaned back against her bed," he said. Then he left the house. "I was in shock."

Prosecutors also called Savio's physician, Dr. Vinod Motiani, to combat a defense theory that Savio drowned after slipping and falling in the tub.

"She was at no more risk (of falling) than any other person," he testified.