The defense team

Joel Brodsky, the defense attorney for Drew Peterson, talks to reporters after Wednesday's court proceedings. (Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune / August 22, 2012)

"She looked around the house hoping to find him. She did not find him in the house. She attempted to contact him by phone and was unsuccessful in doing that.

"After that it was sometime later, but, in the early morning hours… she saw him standing near the washer and dryer and she saw him dressed in all black carrying a bag. She said that he removed his clothing and then took the contents of the bag and put all of that into the washing machine." 

Drew Peterson then left the area, and Stacy Peterson went to the washing machine, Schori testified.

"She walked over to the washing machine and looked to see what was inside, and she saw women’s clothing that she identified as not hers."

Later, she had a conversation with her husband, Schori said.

"He told her that soon the police would be wanting to sit down to interview her, and he told her what to say to the police."

"It took hours (for him to tell her what to say). 

"She said that she lied on Drew’s behalf to the police. 

"She continued to cry. She was very scared." 

Schori testified that she did not tell him what day this alleged incident occurred.


11:20 a.m. Minister says Stacy Peterson lied to police

The Rev. Neil Schori testified that he provided marriage counseling to Drew and Stacy Peterson while he was their pastor. He said all counseling sessions were held at coffee shops because he did not want any suggestions of impropriety with congregants.

Stacy Peterson told him that she woke up in the middle of the night on the weekend Savio died and looked for her husband. Stacy said she found him in the laundry room, dressed in black and putting women's clothes in washer. They were not hers.

Schori also said Stacy claimed Peterson coached her for hours on what to say to police after Savio died. A tearful Stacy told Schori that she lied to police, he testified.

During cross-examination, attorney Joseph Lopez asked Schori why he counseled congregants in Starbucks. "I think what I do is done very well," Schori said.

10:55 a.m. Judge allows some testimony from minister

Judge Edward Burmila denied the state's request that the Rev. Neil Schori be allowed to testify that Drew Peterson told Stacy Petersonhow to lie to police about his whereabouts at the time of Savio's death in order to commit the perfect crime.

But he did allow Schori to tell jurors that Stacy Peterson saw Drew Peterson come home late Saturday night wearing dark clothing, that his sleeves were wet and that he was putting into the washing machine women's clothes that were not hers.

10:10 a.m. Onlooker swears at Peterson, booted