11 a.m. Peterson coached Stacy, Koch argues 

When Illinois State Police Investigators Patrick Collins and Bryan Falat interviewed Stacy Peterson, “the testimony was that Stacy was real shaken by the event, and that's why (Drew Peterson) wanted some professional courtesy,” Koch said.

“There's four chairs down there, and Drew sat next to her with his arm around her. At one point he helped her out with what they had for breakfast,” Koch said. “Too bad Collins and Falat didn't know that Drew Peterson had spent hours and hours telling Stacy what to say in that interview.”

10:55 a.m. 'Why would anyone think he did it?'

Prosecutor Chris Koch said during Drew Peterson's first phone call minutes after finding Kathleen Savio's body he said, “I just found my wife in the bathtub and they're going to think I did it.”

“Why are they going to think he did it? Isn't their relationship going good, aren't things fantastic as they go on with their lives? Why would anyone think he did it?” Koch said.

And then, the following day, Peterson frantically went through the home while Savio's relatives were there, saying he needed to get things for his kids.

But Anna Doman, Savio's sister, testified that she found him in the bathroom, Koch said.

“By God, he was cleaning the bathtub,” Koch said. “What in the world was he cleaning the bathtub for? He said it was so the kids wouldn't see it. But the kids weren't there. Why clean the bathtub? You know what, murderers sometimes go back to the scene to make sure they got it right.”

10:50 a.m. 'He knows what they found in that tub'

Assistant State’s Attorney Chris Koch argued that Drew Peterson is trying to have it both ways by saying on separate occasions that his relationship with Kathleen Savio was fine, but that he didn't want to enter her home because he feared she would accuse him of stealing from her.

He also questioned why Peterson, who was on duty as the Bolingbrook police watch commander, didn't call for back-up from his own department before entering the home.

When he goes upstairs in the pitch-black home after hearing Mary Pontarelli scream, “he doesn't have his gun drawn, he doesn't have his flashlight out,” Koch said. “Why? Because he killed her, he knows what they found in that tub.”

10:45 a.m. Closing moves to family, friends 

Prosecutor Chris Koch transitioned away from medical experts to Kathleen Savio's friends and neighbors.

First, he reminded jurors that Steve Maniaci, Savio's boyfriend, saw her on Friday night and stayed over until Saturday morning.

“No abrasions, no bruising, no rough sex,” Koch said. “They had sexual intercourse, and then they went to bed.”