Continual coverage of the trial of Drew Peterson for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

4:20 p.m. Deliberations to begin Wednesday

The judge released the jury for the day, saying he "did not anticipate that the arguments would take as long as they did."

Judge Edward Burmila told the jury to return Wednesday morning when he will give them their instructions and they will begin deliberating.


3:30 p.m. Glasgow ends rebuttal

State’s Attorney James Glasgow has ended his rebuttal.

“In this case you combine all of the evidence -- the scientific evidence from the expert, all of the circumstantial evidence that's been admitted regarding the physical attacks... (and) Stacy's statements most importantly, and the defendant's statements to the media showing consciousness of guilt — we don't have to prove each beyond a reasonable doubt,” Glasgow said. “But when can absolutely see that we have proven this beyond a reasonable doubt. It's solid, it's real, and it proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Drew Peterson killed Kathleen Savio in cold blood. And we ask that you return a verdict of guilty. Thank you.”

The judge recessed the trial for 30 minutes to allow the jurors to eat lunch before he reads them the jury instructions.

3:20 p.m. Witness statement 'rings true' 

State’s Attorney James Glasgow quickly went through the testimony of Kristin Anderson and Mary Parks, who testified about how Kathleen Savio told them of threats made by Peterson and later tried to call police when they learned of her death.

In Anderson's case, “she made three separate phone calls to the state police,” Glasgow said. ““She made every effort to report it, and it fell on deaf ears.”

Savio’s sister Anna Doman, he said, told the jury that Savio said weeks before her death that Peterson threatened to kill her.

“That statement, based on all the facts and circumstances in this case, rings true. And that's what happened.”

3 p.m. Peterson acted suspiciously, Glasgow says

Prosectur James Glasgow shifted his attention to Drew Peterson’s actions before Kathleen Savio’s body was found.

“If we could look at the defendant’s behavior from the point of time he committed the murder in the early hours of Sunday morning,” Glasgow said.

On Sunday night, when he first tried to return the children to their mother at her home, “he's got a situation where his wife, who was always there, isn't answering,” Glasgow said. “And he's got Mary Pontarelli, who's 35 feet away, and he doesn't reach out to her? He doesn't reach out to her because he knows what's in there.”

2:55 p.m. Glasgow addresses time of death