The new Lifetime reality show "Russian Dolls" goes in deep--deep into the Russian-immigrant community of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. Of course the comparisons are there, pitting the show as the Russian version of "The Jersey Shore." "Russian Dolls" follows the fast-paced lives of eight men and women who work hard and play hard, and know how to live life to the fullest.

Three of the stars of the show visited PIX11 Morning news and chatted with Sukanya Krishnan. A lot of laughs were exchanged as Marina (runs the hot club/restaurant Rasputin), Anna (aspiring model who owns a modeling school) and Eddie Zee (a lady-killer with a busy social calendar) gave details on the first episode. "Russian Dolls" premieres tonight at 10:30 on Lifetime.

"Russian Dolls" will premiere Thursday, August 11, at 10:30pm. For more information, visit