Living Social With Books - Check Out BookPerk

It seems like everything these days is getting social and books are no exception.

HarperCollins has come up with a creative way to pair desired books with exclusive merchandise and offer experiences that only they as a publishing house could offer.  It is called Bookperk and readers will love it.

Their most recent bestselling offer features Coco Chanel and a fashion angle –  they paired Justine Picardie’s new biography of Coco Chanel and an exclusive tote that Karl Lagerfeld designed and sold it for $20 -  

You’ve seen previews for the new Anna Faris movie, “What’s Your Number?” haven’t you?  Bookperk features the novel by Karyn Bosnak and for only $19.99, you get a copy of the book, an autographed movie poster – signed by Anna Faris no less – and free shipping!

You can see a list of their current offers by going to

Bookperk is hip and relevant, and is on the cutting-edge of publishing today. Their goal is to preserve publishing and to be relevant on the Internet in creative ways that attract a wide range of consumers.