There are more than 100 types of cancer out there, including breast, prostate and lung cancer - and although we all want to avoid the BIG C, many of us aren't helping our bodies fight back. Nutritionist Ashley Koff will be here to help you cancer-proof your diet.

Foods To Avoid: Alcohol, red meat, sugar and dairy

What Your Mean Should Contain: Fill your plate at every meal with half veggies and fruits, a quarter whole grains, and a quarter lean meat)

1) BARLEY The fiber content of whole grains can block the actions of some carcinogens and promote cell differentiation. Whole oats, corn, and brown rice are all good sources, but barley is best.

2) BLACK BEANS These beans stand out, not only because of its high fiber content, but also because of the anxtioxidants found in their skin. Black beans may also block the circulation of a form of estrogen that's a problem for breast cancer.

3) BROCCOLI This food is one of nature's richest sources of sulforophane, a compound that strongly inhibits cancers. This compound stimulates the body's own cancer-fighting enzymes, slowing the rate of breast and prostate cancer cell growth.

4) MUSHROOMS This veggie is used in primary cancer treatment protocols in Brazil and Japan because of its anti-inflammatory and possibly anti-tumor ways. Because of this, mushrooms are . Incorporate mushrooms into your diet as much as you can, and even take a daily supplement containing codryceps, maitake, and reishi.

5) SOY Studies suggest that consuming soy precuts may reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer. Stick to whole forms of soy, like edamame or tofu, as opposed to supplements.