How To Make Your BBQ Leftovers Brand-New Dishes
There's a good chance you have BBQ leftovers from the 4th of July festivities - so don't just re-heat them in your them. Chef Liran, Corporate Executive Chef of The ONE Group, to show us how to create completely new dishes using leftovers from your Fourth of July BBQ leftovers – a great way to not let food go to waste.

The ONE Group owns many of your favorite restaurants such as STK in both Meatpacking and Midtown, STK OUT, the newly opened Bagatelle, Asellina located in Gansevoort Park Ave and One, located in the new Revel Resorts in Atlantic City.

• 4 prepared dishes using leftovers

o STEAK: Grilled vegetables and sliced steak wrap

o COLESLAW: BBQ Chicken sandwich with slaw

o HAMBURGER BUNS: Bread Pudding

o BACON: Grilled Chicken Salad

• Examples of the leftovers:

o Sliced steak

o Bowl of coleslaw

o Hamburger buns

o Bacon