Breakfast Jambalaya
Recipe from Firekeepers Executive Chef, Michael McFarlen (

Sautéed Peppers, Onions, Andoullie Sausage, Gulf Shrimp and Tomatoes on
Hash Browns, topped with three Eggs and Cheddar Jack Cheese

Andoullie Sausage ¼ oz bias cut (5 pieces) 2 sauté pans
Gulf Shrimp 21/25 Shrimp (4)
Green Bell Peppers Julienne (1 oz) Chef Knife
Spanish Onion 1/4 inch dice (1 oz) Cutting Board
Beefsteak Tomato 1/4 inch dice (1/4 cup)
Home Fried Potatoes ¼ inch dice (3/4 cup) Rubber Spatula
Large Eggs Large (3) Measuring Spoons
Cheddar Jack Cheese 2 oz ladle (1/8 cup) Measuring cups

Salt and Pepper to taste to taste 1 oval plate
Cayenne Pepper to taste to taste
Chopped Chives Garnish
Vegetable Oil or Butter As needed

Preparation Steps
1. Sauté Andoullie Sausage until dark brown crust add bell peppers and onions
○ Add shrimp to mixture