The Kings' rules emphasize that any member who goes against the gang will suffer the consequences.

Their motto: "Cowards die many times before their ultimate death. A King never tastes death but once."

Bethlehem police would not say whose bible they confiscated on Dover Lane. Court records say the victim and the man charged with stabbing him were members of the Latin Kings.

DiLuzio said the information in that binder gave police important clues into how the gang operates. And that makes the book treasured almost as much by police as it is by gang members.


Reporters Steve Esack and Matthew Birkbeck contributed to this story

Source: Federal court documents


No brother is to sway or rock side to side during the prayer. Each brother is to hold a strong upright position.

No phones are to be brought to/into meetings, also no beads, or flags.

No smoking before any meeting.

Every brother is to contribute $10 a week to chapter funds.

If a brother gets locked up, he or she has 30 days to let the chapter know your charges and court dates.