Floyd Mayweather Jr. used his superior boxing skills and stamina to defeat a game but outmatched Conor McGregor by technical knockout in the 10th round during a super-welterweight fight Saturday night in Las Vegas.

The best from Times boxing writer Lance Pugmire and columnists Dylan Hernandez and Bill Plaschke leading up to the fight:

Dana White trashes Bob Arum; calls him 'senile'

UFC President Dana White in 2014. (Anthony Kwan / Getty Images)
UFC President Dana White in 2014. (Anthony Kwan / Getty Images)

UFC President Dana White further escalated his long-standing rivalry with veteran boxing promoter Bob Arum on Tuesday, calling him “senile," and tossing in a few expletives.

White was upset by comments from Arum published Sunday by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. In the story, Arum criticized the quality of Saturday’s Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Conor McGregor boxing match and compared it to the idea of NBA great LeBron James stepping into the boxing ring against heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua.

“You’re going to interview Bob Arum?” White responded, throwing in a few expletives. “This is our hometown paper, and then all the interviews are with Bob Arum. And this guy, this senile ... quote comparing LeBron James to Conor? Conor McGregor is a fighter. He can fight. Stuff like that bums me out when I’m reading that.”

Arum, 85, has previously criticized UFC fights, questioning the sexuality of men wrestling on the canvas versus the more sophisticated form of fighting that boxing offers.

“That’s really class,” Arum told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday upon hearing White calling him senile. “Dana can say whatever he wants, but he hurts his argument by resorting to these comments … it has nothing to do with senility. And it hurts the position he’s trying to take.

“But what do you expect? You didn’t see me at the Republican National Convention endorsing [President] Trump. That speaks volumes of somebody. I completely stick by my guns.

“It’s nothing personal or argumentative, but to have somebody fight the top fighter of our era with someone who hasn’t had one professional boxing match -- they’re out of their mind. If [McGregor] hasn’t trained for years, he’s not going to perform … he’s not a fighter. He’s a combat fighter, not a boxer. It’s a different sport. The MMA guys have to have different movements and stances to guard against a kick or a takedown, It’s not the same stance as a boxer. Boxers stand a different way, and Mayweather is the greatest practitioner of that.”

White’s comments were made at his news conference to address the positive steroid test of UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones. White also chafed at another person’s comment that Mayweather-McGregor is like, “watching Evel Knievel jump the Grand Canyon,” although Knievel’s attempt was over the Snake River.

“Crazy, man,” White said. “The people who don’t believe it don’t know anything about fighting. You know nothing about fighting. This isn’t going to be a boxing match, this is going to be a fight. Conor McGregor has knockout power in both hands. It’s going to be in eight-ounce gloves. And he’s going in there to knock out Floyd Mayweather.”

The divide between boxing andthe  UFC is clearly part of what’s driving massive interest in this bout.

“It’s usually our guy versus our guy and whoever wins, wins. This is obviously huge, there’s a lot at stake here,” White said. “So, yeah, I’ve been pretty nervous.”

White said that before his favorite NFL team, the New England Patriots, won the Super Bowl last year, he wore a team shirt every day in the week leading up to the game. He’s done the same this week, wearing a McGregor shirt to Tuesday’s news conference.

“When I really saw him sparring. He hits so hard. He’s so confident in himself,” White said of McGregor. “You sit in a room with Conor for two minutes and he’ll make you believe, too.”

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