Otis Chandler took a newspaper that had generated almost as much ridicule as revenue and turned it into one of the nation's best. (Los Angeles Times / October 15, 2014)

1962: The company's Los Angeles Mirror folds in deal with the Hearst Corp., which closes morning Los Angeles Examiner. Times average weekday circulation hits 757,776, a gain of 204,926 subscribers over the previous year. It is the largest circulation gain of any U.S. newspaper.

1962: Democrat Pat Brown defeats Richard Nixon for governor.

1962-64: The Times opens bureaus in Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Hong Kong, Rome, Bonn, London, Vienna and San Francisco, at the United Nations and on Wall Street.

1962: USC awards Chandler its Distinguished Achievement Award for Journalism.

1964: Paul Conrad is hired as editorial cartoonist.

1967: Chandler receives a Columbia Journalism Award for the "extraordinary progress" made by The Times under his tenure.

1968: The Times endorses Alan Cranston, a Democrat, in the race for U.S. Senate.

1973: The Times announces that it will no longer routinely endorse candidates for president, governor or U.S. senator.

1978: Chandler competes in his first professional automobile race, a six-hour endurance contest at Watkins Glen, N.Y. 1980: Assumes the new post of editor in chief of Times Mirror.

1981: Takes over as chairman of Times Mirror board.

1981: Marries Bettina Whitaker after his divorce from Marilyn Chandler becomes final.

1985: Announces that he will step down as chairman and editor in chief of Times Mirror. "People want to stay on the same lane in the freeway, in the same safe cocoon," Chandler says. "I don't."

1986: Becomes chairman of the executive committee of the Times Mirror board.

1990: While Chandler is hunting in the Northwest Territories of Canada, a musk ox tramples him, yanking his right arm from its socket.

1990: Chandler puts his private collection of historic automobiles and motorcycles and wild game trophies into the Vintage Museum of Transportation and Wildlife in Oxnard.

1992: After living in Malibu and Camarillo, Otis and Bettina Chandler move to a small horse ranch in Ojai.

1995: Chandler is injured in a motorcycle accident in New Zealand.

1998: Retires from the Times Mirror board. The Chandlers build a new home in Ojai.

1999: In a statement dictated to the city editor of The Times and read to the staff, Chandler criticizes the senior management team for a controversial deal to share with Staples Center the profits from a special issue of the Los Angeles Times Magazine on the new downtown arena.

2000: The Annenberg School for Communication at USC gives Chandler its first Lifetime Achievement Award.

2000: Times Mirror is purchased by Tribune Co., owner of the Chicago Tribune. Disenchanted with Times Mirror's management, Chandler praises the merger.

2006: Chandler dies Feb. 27.

Compiled by Times researcher John L. Jackson