REPUBLIC, Mo. -- Plenty of technology is available to make older people look and feel younger. One car company is trying to make young people feel older.  It's part of an effort to make better cars.

Ford Motor Company created the Third Age Suit.  The purpose is to let young engineers know what it feels like to be in the golden years.  It also helps the automaker create a car better fitted for those with limited mobility. 

"The great thing about this is that this is a positive benefit for everyone," said Republic Ford Lincoln Mercury spokesman Steve Forrester.

When it comes to creating a car that fits the needs of everyone, where do you begin?

"It's always been a common question."

It's a question that is especially difficult when you figure in older generations.  It is now being answered thanks to new technology.

"Ford has developed the Third Age Suit in order to emulate someone who is impaired in movement."

Here's how it works.

Braces are first put on the joints -- arms, legs, ankles, and wrists.

"It's going to limit bending it, getting into a car and getting out," said Ford Motor Company representative Ashleigh Slattery.

Next, braces go on the back and torso.

"[The] plastic pieces, these are going to give you the stiffness that an elderly person may experience sitting," Slattery said.

The final step is a stylish red jumpsuit.  It has a lot of padding around the neck area to limit movement while trying to look at your blind spots.

Ford Motor Company says the suit adds around 30 years to your body.

"It's for the purpose of designers knowing something that they are not terribly familiar with," said Forrester.

Getting in and out of a car is difficult in the suit.  It gives engineers knowledge as to how they need to design the car.

"They've been able to completely redesign what they refer to as the 'H' point, which is the angle of entry where your hips have to rotate to get into a vehicle," said Forrester.

Earplugs are also used to simulate hearing loss.  They also have special glasses that help with vision impairment -- anything from partial blindness to cataracts.  Each part of the suit helps the company with a different aspect of the car.

Rubber gloves are also incorporated to see what it would be like for a person who has a loss of sensitivity in his or her hands, such as people with diabetes.