Strong storms cause minor damage throughout the Ozarks

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - A series of strong storms moved through the Ozarks on Tuesday, leaving some scattered damage in their wake.

The storms prompted tornado warnings late in the morning for areas of St. Clair, Hickory and nearby counties, but damage from wind gusts was limited. Later in the afternoon, areas of Stone and Taney counties were under a tornado warning -- but no damage was reported in either area.

Wind damage was reported in places such as Cedar Springs and the Stockton area, where power lines, trees and a couple structures were damaged by wind.

Trees also toppled near Osceola, Gerster, Quincy, Gravois Mills, Ivy Bend, Pomona and Brandsville. Some state highways were blocked before crews were able to reopen the roadways.

Damage was also reported in Crocker -- and it was caught on a home security camera -- when wind moved a trampoline more than 70 feet and tore an electric mast from the side of a house there.

Throughout the evening, flooding became the major issue for several areas. Massive rainfall in Springfield, particularly the southeast area of the city, resulted in several low-water crossings becoming impassable, and also caused several urban streams to swell throughout the afternoon.

Several state highways and secondary roads were impossible to navigate in areas due to high water, including Route A in Stone County near Spring Creek, Route FF near Hunter Creek in Ava, C Highway near Norwood, and routes EE and Y in Douglas County.