Quick thinking by Everyday Hero teenager saved brother's life
No matter where 13-year-old Trey Sturgell goes, 6-year-old Trace is almost never very far behind.  He looks up to his big brother, whom he knows as Bubby

"I love him,” Trace said on a recent day.

One day last August, the brothers were separated for just a few minutes on their family farm in Barry County.

"We were going around and going to get the lawn mower, and my friend heard him scream," said Trey.

Trey and his friend ran to find Trace.  Trey quickly realized a horse had broken loose and backed up over his little brother.

"So we went over there and got him and put him in the truck, and then I drove him to my dad,” he said.

"You don't know what to think. You just hope he’s going to be all right," said Chad Sturgell, the boys’ father.  “We said a lot of prayers."

Once at the hospital, the family quickly realized Trace's injuries were even more severe than they first thought.

"They told us he was bleeding internally at Monett,” said Chad.  “His spleen had been split completely in two; it was severed in two. They were going to have to take it out and do exploratory surgery and give him a blood transfusion."

Trey stayed by his little brother's side for days, saying prayers that his best friend would be okay.

"To know he was all right and he was going to be all right. I just wanted to be with him,” said Trey.

"If he wouldn't have done what he done, Trace wouldn't be here today. He would've bled to death,” their father said.

Now these best buds are even closer than before, and Trace has even more reason to call big brother Trey a hero.

"I love him," said Trace.