Sexually-explicit video game simulates rape
DENVER - There is a new video game on the market that is getting a lot of attention for its level of violence.

The subject is so sensitive that we debated whether or not we should even report on it. But if you see this on your child's computer, or you hear them talk about it, we feel like it something parents need to address.

The game is called RapeLay and the object is for the player to assault and rape young women. RapeLay has caused an international outrage and it's something parents need to know about it.

The game starts out with a young girl standing on a subway platform. The game lets the player choose and control how they attack her. You and a few "friends" can corner her; the player can grope and lift her skirt. In some scenes, the player can rape her, the girl's sister and mother, again and again.

Erin Jemison, director of the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault, watched a video demonstration of the game and was outraged.

"You can hear the woman upset in the background kind of screaming that's scarily realistic from what rape victims' experience," she says. "Years and years of research tell us once we dehumanize someone, it's so much easier to commit violence against them."

Experts say other violent games like Grand Theft Auto has made some kids think this kind of violence is okay.

"I've seen much worse things in America," says YouTube user, HarlynsOpinion, a young woman. "If we can play games as bad as Grand Theft Auto…and Halo...then we should be allowed to play RapeLay or any sexual fantasy game."

When it comes to other fantasy games, some gamers don't see the harm.

"It's a fake world. It's a simulated world in essence. That's really all it is," says gamer Derek Sorenson.

But even some hard core gamers know this type of simulated violence is wrong.

"I would think that a rape game would desensitize the mind to rape," adds gamer Russell Jenkins.

"What's more upsetting is - what kind of society we have created that this is fun?" adds Jemison, saying parents need to sit down and show their children what's right and wrong.

"We need to (say) 'Okay, yeah it's just a game…That's not real life, but do you understand anything of what rape is? Do you understand what consent is?

"If we are not going to sensor these games, then let's at least have the other side of the discussion as well," Jemison says.

These types of Japanese games are called Hentai Games. They almost always feature young girls and -most of the time- the games are violent, featuring rape and torture. If you hear your child talk about these games or have seen them on their computer, experts say it's time to have "the talk."

RapeLay has been yanked off store shelves worldwide but it went from banned to worse. The game is now viral online.