Popular plant ready to blossom

Back in March it could barely fit into a garage. Three months later, it towers over the building it used to call home in Chase. Now this so-called "century plant" could bloom any day now.

It’s taken some a lifetime to stop and get a glimpse of the plant.

"We have driven by here all of my life practically".

Such is the case for Hollyrood native Lou Ella Strong but that all changed Tuesday. Strong stopped because of the report Eyewitness News did back in March on the century plant.

"Even seeing it on television I did not realize it would be this big", adds Strong.

She came and snapped some pictures for her friends of the mammoth plant that stands 37-feet into the air.

"They won’t believe it either", says Strong.

The man behind the plant Ed Ward says the traffic is constant.

"Probably two or three thousand snap a picture and go on", adds Strong.

A book is now in Ward's shop and he has people sign it when they stop. Everyone wants to know when will the plant finally bloom.

According to Ward the plant needs several constant days of 100 degree temperatures for it to put on its final show. When it does bloom it should be an array of colors.

"They claim its yellow and white flowers that blossoms out of it".

After the plant finally sprouts some flowers its unknown how long it will stay like that...one thing is for certain more folks from around the state will be traveling to see this once in a life time plant.

Century plant getting ready to bloom