Update: Jake Jacobs' bond has been cut in half from $100,000 to $50,000. He will also have to wear an ankle bracelet.

The move came during a motions hearing Wednesday morning. A judge also ordered a medical evaluation.


The 27-year-old accused of shooting a gun inside Burlington Coat Factory Monday has been formally charged in court. 

Prosecutors charged Jake Jacobs with four counts of aggravated assault.  He's being held on a $100,000 bond.  The judge filed a protective order for witnesses in the case.  Jacobs next scheduled court date is August 29th.

Jacobs is being represented by Mark Schoenhofer.  Schoenhofer says Jacobs is the only person who left the store Monday with injuries.  He says Jacobs suffered a broken jaw and that several of his teeth were kicked out. He says Jacobs also complained of rib injuries.

Wichita Deputy Chief Tom Stolz says it took a level of force to arrest Jacobs.  He says it was a tense situation and the suspect did not listen to any verbal commands from officers. He says while Jacobs received some injuries, he was released from the hospital the same day.  Stolz does dispute claims Jacobs was kicked multiple time and has injuries to his ribs.

Wichita police arrested Jacobs six minutes after the first 911 call came in Monday.

Stolz says Jacobs fired one round at a store security guard and had several more rounds in his revolver. He says Jacobs also pointed his gun at three other people inside the store.

“We're lucky, he had enough rounds in that gun, he could have shot more,” said Stolz.

Stolz says when police first arrived on scene, they went into the store near Kellogg and Rock Road.  Police saw signs of a disturbance at the front of the store. They then located Jacobs near the dressing rooms. 

“Within 3 minutes, officers are in that store and are putting themselves in direct jeopardy to take the jeopardy away from innocent citizens and try to neutralize this threat. It's fairly common around the country now,” said Stolz.

When police gave Jacobs verbal commands, he didn't comply so one of the officer's discharged his taser. Once Jacobs was hit with the taser he continued fighting with officers. Stolz says officers then engaged in a short scuffle in order to arrest him. Jacobs was treated and released at the hospital for minor injuries.

“From the way this call came in from the radio yesterday to how it was resolved, I don't know if we're lucky, skilled, or a combination of both.  It wasn't a bad day” said WPD Deputy Chief Thomas Stolz.

Police searched Jacobs home and vehicle, but didn't find anything that would determine a motive. Stolz says Jacobs was acting in such a strange way that many employees and customers noticed him inside the store.

“There was physical indications that he was either on drugs, drunk, had mental or physical issues that were leading to abnormal behavior,” said Stolz.

Stolz says Jacobs has one prior arrest. In February of this year, he was arrested on a weapons charge that was later dismissed because Jacobs had a concealed carry permit.  Police originally said he was also arrested for DUI, but that was not the case. 

Stolz says right before the shooting, Jacobs took a bottle of pop near the front of the store and started drinking it. A uniformed security guard asked if he was going to pay for it. Stolz says Jacobs said no and the security guard said he'd have to pay for it. That's when Jacobs pulled out a gun and shot one time at the security guard. He was six to eight feet away and missed.

About 20 customers and employees were in the store when the shooting happened. No one was hurt.

Police: Burlington store shooting could have been worse