Photo: Kansans for Life event

Photo: Kansans for Life event (By Jim Grawe / January 8, 2013)

A petition drive underway by Kansans for Life aims to stop the former abortion clinic run by George Tiller from reopening.

The clinic on east Kellogg closed after Tiller was gunned down in his church by anti-abortion activist Scott Roeder on May 31, 2009. Roeder was sentenced to life in prison in 2010.

Kansans for Life hopes to get 20,000 signatures in the next two weeks and submit them to the city planning commission.  The group wants the land rezoned so no medical procedures can be done there.

Kansans for Life contends that reopening the place as an abortion clinic would disturb what has become a quiet, residential area.

"There were hundreds of calls to police when the place was open," Kansans for Life's David Gittrich says.

Gittrich says his group has not discussed the issue with any of the people who live in the neighborhood on the advice of their attorney.

When the clinic was open, anti-abortion groups staged daily protests.

Meanwhile, the clinic is being remodeled to meet new Kansas regulations, as a group called Trust Women — prepares to reopen it.

Trust Women attorney Robert Eye said Tuesday that contractors are modifying the clinic to make sure hallways and interior spaces are big enough to comply with the requirements of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. He says once the work is completed and the building is inspected and licensed, the new clinic would open for services.

Clinic again at center of controversy.