Teen to stand trial for rape of elderly woman

An 18-year-old man will stand trial for the rape of a 76-year-old woman.   John Thompson is charged with burglary and rape along with a 17-year-old.  They're accused of breaking into the woman's home and sexually assaulting her in June.

Judge Joseph Bribiesca bound Thompson over for trial Friday after a two day preliminary hearing.

DNA played a key role in the second day of the hearing.

A detective with the Wichita Police Department testified about the interview he did with both suspects shortly after their arrests.

Det. Scott Wiswell said both admitted involvement in the burglary. However, they had differing accounts of whose idea it was and who actually went into the victim's bedroom as she slept.

Wiswell testified he collected DNA samples from both suspects and submitted them for analysis.

Wiswell read from a DNA report that showed samples from the juvenile suspect's underwear showed a mixture of DNA from two people consistent with the suspect's own profile and the victim's.

He further testified the report excluded defendant Thompson as a contributor.

That was a point Thompson's defense attorney, Chris O'Hara, worked to emphasize on cross examination.

Upon hearing the DNA results,  Thompson appeared to let out a big breath in relief as he sat at the defense table.

Another detective said clothing matching the description given by the victim and jewelry belonging to the woman were found during a search of the younger suspect's home.

It has not been determined if the 17-year-old's case will proceed in adult or juvenile court.

Prior to Friday's hearing, Judge Bribiesca issued a stern warning to the families of both defendants. Courthouse deputies had to separate the families after a heated exchange that may have involved a threat.