WSU students want to open food pantry on campus
Thousands of Kansas families don't know where their next meal is coming from, and the same is true for college students. That's why Wichita State University is working to open its own food pantry

"A couple of the students said I have to choose, do I pay for tuition and housing or do I pay for food," said Multicultural Affairs Assistant Director Alicia Newell.

The office of multicultural affairs came up with the idea for an empty bowls fundraiser. For a ten dollar donation each person got a bowl, a cup of soup, and the knowledge that this money would help build WSU's first food pantry.

"It's not like something like hunger is outside the academic world, we are all a part of it," said WSU Professor Kimberly Engber.

Engber and others also brought in canned food items to help fill the shelves once the pantry opens. Wichita State is not alone in this mission. Other college campuses in Kansas are doing the same thing

"Where I came from, Garden City Community College, they are starting to do that," said WSU Graduate Student Hien Nguyen. "It's helping a lot of staff, faculty and students. We are a larger university, so we should be able to pull it through and do a much better job."

At least 100 people bought a bowl Friday. WSU hopes to open its food pantry in the spring.

If you would like to help, you can call the WSU Office of Multicultural Affairs at 316-978-3034.
WSU students want to open food pantry on campus