Small town teen center jeopardized by burglary

"Why would somebody want to do this to us kids?" Eighteen-year-old Christian Gard says.  "What did we do to you?"

That's the $8,000 question. It's what the Hub--which is Peabody's non-profit teen center--is out after a break-in.    

The back door glass was smashed out.  Gone are the televisions, video games and all but one laptop computer.  There was also cash from a garage sale fundraiser that had not yet been put in the bank. 

"It was heartbreaking just hearing about it," 17-year-old Fred Winsor says.

The place opened six years ago.  It was started by the local dentist and his wife who essentially funded the entire operation.  Then a year and a half ago he passed away.  We talked to his widow on the phone who is still very much involved with the center, but she says this burglary has been so upsetting to her she just can't talk about it on TV.

"I think it's because we've really been struggling since her husband passed away," Hub director Nancy McLeod says.

"They even mortgaged their house--put their house up for collateral just so these youth could have this program," board member Jim Pohlman says.

It's a program that has attracted a lot of teens who don't have computers or video games at home or much of anything else to do in this small town.

"Instead of us just hanging out and getting in trouble we're here and our parents could trust us and they knew we were here.  For somebody to just take all that stuff---it hit me," 16-year-old Garret Shroeder says.

Now the teens are brainstorming ways to replace what was stolen, because they say this place is far too valuable to give up on.

The teens are hosting a community lunch on Sunday, October 14 from noon to two o'clock to raise money. 

If you'd like more information on that or are interested in making some type of donation to the Hub, you can call contact Jim Pohlman at 620-382-4429 or email Nancy McLeod at  The Hub's phone number is 620-983-2949.  The address is 118 North Walnut Peabody, KS 66866.