For What It's Worth: Boston, etc.


I can’t help but wonder what it takes to push someone to the point where they would wantonly take innocent lives. When an act seems so senseless, how can one possibly rationalize the need for it?

I consider myself a forgiving person, but it's acts like yesterday’s bombings in Boston that make the death penalty make sense to me.

Another Boston Massacre---

There’s nothing political about the Boston Marathon, I can’t imagine there are any high priority targets in the field of 23,000 in one of the oldest sporting events in the country.

Yet, someone decided to set off two bombs near the race’s finish line and, while two-thirds of the field had already finished, thousands were still on the course---they were the lucky ones.

The blast claimed three lives, initially—a total that’s likely to grow. Beyond that, many others lost limbs or had eardrums blown out in the carnage. Spectators and racers were seen pulling shards of materiel from their skin, blood was everywhere. It’s a harsh reminder of the world in which we live, a world that can produce home grown monsters in Oklahoma City or foreign demons on 9/11.

It’s sad to think that we now have the experience of reacting to these sorts of crimes, this sort of cowardice—but I hope that experience brings a swift and harsh justice to those who have such disregard for human life.

Chiefs getting going under Reid---

The Chiefs open their first mini-camp under new head coach Andy Reid today. With the draft approaching, two of the top players on the board are offensive tackles and the Chiefs are expected to take one.

Beyond getting a sense for Reid’s presence on the practice field, all eyes will be on recently acquired quarterback Alex Smith. Is this the guy who nearly took the 49ers to the Super Bowl, the year before they did reach the final? Or is this the guy whose career was on the scrapheap before Jim Harbaugh rescued him a couple of years ago?

Harbaugh may have saved Smith, but he also discarded him as soon as Colin Kaepernick came of age, it’ll be interesting to see what the Chiefs end up with. Another big thing over the next few days is what the Chiefs plan on doing with tackle Brandon Albert. The big fella may be coveted by some, but will they give up a second round draft choice for him? That’s the price tag that’s being reported.

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