Family members talking to parole

Family members talking to parole (Anne Meyer/Eyewitness News / April 24, 2013)

An emotional plea from two families, both victims of the same killer who is now up for parole.

Danny Williams has been in prison since 1982, when he was convicted of killing a Wichita woman. At the time of that crime, Williams was on parole from Idaho in the murder of another woman.

"He took my sister from her home, kidnapped her in her own car and savagely beat, stomped, raped and bludgeoned her," Mable Kite told the Kansas Parole Board.

The details of her twin sister Melba's murder still haunts Kite 42 years after it happened, that's why she doesn't understand why the killer was released from prison.

"The Idaho Parole Board released Danny Williams with less than 8 years of prison time," Kite said. "People get more time for time for theft. They were very negligent, they bare guilt for the murder of Francis Ellifson."

Five years after Williams got out, he was convicted of killing Ellifson in her Wichita home.

Williams is now up for parole in Kansas. That's why both families came together to beg the board to keep him locked up. It was one of the largest groups the board has ever heard from.

They want to make sure williams never gets out to kill again.

"My last word for Danny, it will be a cold day in hell when you see the outdoors," said Charles Sapp, Ellifson's younger brother.

Not only do both families want Williams to stay behind bars, they want the board to push back his next parole hearing to the state maximum of ten years. This is the fourth parole hearing they have been to in the last eight years.

The parole board is expected to make a decision in the next three months.
Family of murder victims fights to keep murderer behind bars