Creative A&W Restaurant Owner Takes Advantage Of Detour Signs

By: Matthew Keys

FOX40 News

April 26, 2010



A creative local franchise owner is taking advantage of road construction to draw in business to his restaurant.

The owner of the Lodi A&W restaurant has affixed directions to the diner to road detour signs.

"We're trying to be as aggressive as possible," A&W franchise owner Peter Knight says, adding that "with the closure, we had to get some kind of sign out there."

The signs appear to be working -- usually road construction sees a decline in business, but since affixing directions to the restaurant on detour signs, business has been up at Knight's restaurant.

Locals who usually wouldn't give the A&W restaurant a passing glance are starting to take notice.

"We've actually seen some new customers because we've directed traffic in a different direction," Knight says.

Knight says food and root beer sales this past weekend were higher than sales from the same time last year. A local diner told FOX40 News he found A&W by following the signs.

"Debbie said I know it's here and the detour signs took us right in," Donald Kys said.

"It'll be nice when [the construction is] all done," Knight says.

Until then, Knight hopes the construction will keep business booming.